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Remodeling on a Budget

Lately we've found that many of our clients want to give their home a new look but feel that a complete remodel may be out of their budget! Well with Phoenix Professionals we have ways of giving your desired room a make over without breaking your bank!

People often under estimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! Painting a room will give it a fresh new look! It is important to realize what you are working with in a room, our design professionals are experts in helping you choose the right color for your space! Sometimes a fresh new coat of paint is all you need to bring out your already beautiful kitchen cabinets!

Check out this before & after:

In addition, you may be surprise at how far your money will go! For instance a kitchen back splash for a medium size kitchen will cost about $600-$800.00 with a beautiful 4x4 travertine tile, this includes material and labor! So next time you are looking at that new iPad, think about the value you could adding to your home!

Here is a picture of a great example:

So there you have two simple ways to give your kitchen a new look without spending tons of money! Please feel free to ask us any questions that you may have!

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