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Trends in Kitchen Design 2013

Trends...???.... What does that actually mean? Well it's plain definition is: A general direction in which something is developing or changing. This could mean the use of new products or...the re-use of old ones, in a new way. As I bounce through web pages,, I see many differences in opinions about what is the new Trends for Kitchens today. stainless in or out?? Glass Tile, colored appliances, farm house sinks???

What I recommend to my clients is to sit down and look at several different styles. Go to web sites like:,,, and find the style of kitchens that you like. Then try to visualize that kitchen in your space. If it works,then you are over half way there.....Next, is to work with someone who can find those key elements of style that you like, in your budget (very important), and to put them together in your dream kitchen. Now you are the Trend Setter!!!

Happy hunting!

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